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Title: https://docstell.com/
URL: https://docstell.com/
Description: Super simple way to organise your information and keeping it structured and quickly accessible. All nodes has its own address which mean that it is easy to direct people for feedback or hide information not in scope. Drill in to the documentation to put focus on the right content. Really fast navigation back and forth throughout the information. Reorganise with drag and drop. If you are used to Workflowy you will instantly understand how Docstell is working. Docstell adds a different kind of tools to each node but the principle of nodes that can be indented, collapsed and drilled into is the same. Docstell uses draw.io as an integrated diagram editor. This means that you can use all the power of this popular tool. Add links to your diagrams for really smart navigation to find more information about an asset that is described somewhere in the documentation. Docstell is a realtime documentation solution that puts the collaborative work in the right place from the beginning. This means that when you need to ask a question or need feedback on your work, you put that adjacent to the source to keep a log of the discussion in the right place. This saves a lot of time both for yourself and your team mates. Templates, create private node templates and share those with your team or use any of the predefined ones. You can of course also use Draw.io templates to get a head start on your diagrams. Builtin diagram editor Builtin diagram editor lets you keep vital information up to date in a snap. Slack integration Connect the workspace in Docstell with a channel in Slack to receive notifications when someone is commenting Markdown Builtin markdown editor lets you format your texts efficiently. Docstell uses Github-flavored Markdown (GFM) with our own modifications to how the headers are being presented in the Docstell workspace. Dynamic infinite documentation Organise your information in a tree view. Very easy to restructure to always reflect your priorities. Invite users and start collaborate Invite your team to your shared workspace. Users can have read only or read and write access. Templates Create your own templates and use them easily throughout your documentation. Or use builtin standard templates. Spread sheet Builtin spreadsheet to quickly add specification data. Copy and paste from Excel. Upload files Upload files to any node. Previewer for pdf, txt, word, excel etc. Tags Use tags to group your requirements for fast and easy access Export Export documentation to HTML with containing SVG-format diagrams. Print to pdf file. Fast access Add bookmarks to your content for super fast access
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Latest News:

January 5, 2015 : AtheneLinks Free Web Directory domain registration was extended.

January 6, 2014 : A new human editor was assigned to the website. All submitted sites will be checked for quality.

December 12, 2013 : Added a link removal option for webmasters that want to have the link removed from the directory.

Directory Stats:

63,398 live links on January 5, 2015. Deleted a lot of expired websites or websites with quality issues.

65,315 live links on January 6, 2014

19,255 pending links. Average review time is still around 3 months.