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Hair transplant calculator

Title: Hair transplant calculator
URL: https://esthetichairturkey.com/en/hair-calculator/
Description: Calculate how much your hair transplant procedure will cost. A full hair transplant calculator with a scalp software included, to accurately calcualte the cost of your hair transpland surgery. Esthetic Hair Turkey was established in Istanbul in 2013 to provide international services using the world's most advanced hair styling techniques. Applying the most advanced techniques in the field of hair transplantation and hair treatments, Esthetic Hair Turkey is the first choice for hair health of thousands of patients from various countries of the world. UE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery is much less invasive than conventional laryngeal surgery. It does not use a scalpel or staples or stitches. FUE is better described as "procedure" than "surgery". With this technique, the donor area is shaved to your skin so that individual follicular units (FUs) are exposed. When individual follicular units become visible, we can choose by removing the most ideal FUs. Generally, units with the most follicles are selected for removal. This allows us to maximize the number of follicles excised per graft. The average number of follicles per graft is much higher than conventional strip harvesting and microscopic dissection with this technique. It is clear that hair transplantation is the first surgery that every bald person or partially bald person ask for. Apparently, Turkey is one of the leading countries in hair transplant business. By using FUE-unshaved method, your hair will not be shaved before the surgery. The hair loss in men typically starts in the fornt side of the head and then slowly it continue with the top of the head and finally the whole upper side hair loss takes place over the head. This is how it normally proceeds. By this token, It is possible to apply FUE method without shaving the hair and plant the strands to essential areas. In female hair transplantation it is crucial to transfer hairs from dense areas to balder spaces. Female hair shedding may occur all over the scalp which is very different than male hair shedding, this barrier occasionally prohibits women to have full hair transplantation treatment due to the lack of stable donor areas. Plus, since the balding process varies in women more than men, the donor areas in women therefore are less than men.
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